Enjoy the sun without sunburn

The sun’s rays are vital for human health. The body needs them, for example, to form vitamin D which is essential for strong bones. However, at the same time, the ultraviolet rays from sunlight present significant potential for stress and risk to the skin. Especially sunburn is a strain causing short-term damage that should not be underestimated.

In recent years, working lives and leisure behaviour have changed which is why dermatologists around the world are seeing a significant increase in cases of skin cancer. In Germany alone, the latest estimates from experts predict far more than 500,000 new skin cancer patients per year. Not least because of the climate changes in recent years, dermatologists warn of excessive exposure to sun. The long-term damage is devastating.

Great care is generally required:


  • repeated exposure to sun
  • prolonged periods outdoors
  • at midday
  • in a particular environment, e.g. in or on water, on snow or between mountains


  • children and young people
  • people working outdoors
  • older or sick persons
  • and people who frequently participate in outdoor activities

Your protection is important to us.

Using the correct label gives visibility to this protection. To that end, Hohenstein offers a variety of options for testing and certification.

Testing & Certification

Hohenstein Quality Label ­ UV protection